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Digital Marketing Strategy for politicians By Online Crawlers

In the year 2019, many political parties have closely associated with the digital marketing agencies to execute successful campaigns for some of the big political parties. To name a few social media campaigns undertaken during the state elections of Karnataka, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh have been wonderful.
The Lok Sabha elections of 2014, a new age of political communication in India. It was during the Lok Sabha elections, that the impact of social media as a powerful influencer came to force. A look at various Rajya Sabah as well as Lok Sabha elections reveals the increased usage of social media, by the national and regional parties in creating an image and filtering the intended message to wide and far.

With over 140 crores of citizens, India is the second-largest internet-populated country in the world. The Indian internet population is likely to reach 65+ crores figure by 2023. The massive insertion of smartphones is the reason why Politicians should concentrate on Digital Marketing for Elections & Political Campaigns.

Digital Marketing for politicians has the power to reach out to the most fragmented sections of audiences and the voters.
As a politician, you can easily make a youth connection by making and engaging personalized content across all platforms.
Social media allows political candidates to build their brand in their own way and engage with their voters directly and this is the very important part.
A politician can target 3 major audiences- first-time voters, regular voters, and Community Leaders.
First-time voters are the young guys who turned 18 and spend there most of their time on social media so by digital marketing we can target these individuals.
Youth are the most active and opinionated bunch of voters. Therefore connecting to youth should be the top strategy when it comes to digital marketing for politicians.
Analyzing the data- We create an abundance of data doing our day-to-day activities over the internet. This data is then used by analyzers to predict our behavior. Politicians can use this data and insights to mold the voters as per their agenda.
Creating your social media page is an essential step in the process that is often overlooked.

Politicians Should concentrate on Digital Marketing and analytics because

45+ crores smartphone users
34 crores Facebook users
1.7 crores Twitter users
10 crores Instagram users
30.8 crores Youtube Users
Digital Literacy is high

Digital Marketing Platforms for politicians
1] Website
The main advantage of the website is a very broad number of voters searching for candidates’ names on google. From the website, traffic can be diverted from the search engine. Voters can get complete information about the candidate’s views on emerging political development. We can track the visitor’s information from websites like age, gender, location, and other details.

2] Social Media
Politicians should be active in popular social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter youtube, etc. Politicians have to do continuous updates about their activities, views, and counters to competitors in social media. WhatsApp is used to make a strategy and share the content in party groups.
The analytics that can be used in political campaigns
1] Website Analytics
2] Social Media Analytics
3] Search Analytics
4] Hvordan gjøre en bulgarsk split squat | Kvinnelig kroppsbygging enanthat 250 av dragon pharma i norge testosterone enanthate bodybuilding motivation – worship the iron (muscle factory) Paid Campaign Analytics

Analytics give crucial insights into how the campaigns are working and how the voters are responding to the candidate views on various issues. And we can get the all  complete information about various aspects of audience age, location and content engagement rates.

Paid campaigns on
1] Google Ads Campaigns
2] Facebook & Instagram Campaigns
3] Youtube Campaigns
4] Location-Based Targeting
5]Mobile App Campaigns
6] Email Campaigns
7] Remarketing / Retargeting
8] SMS Campaigns
9]Publishing ads in specific news portals and app.

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