Fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free

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Fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free

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Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? If this is your first visit, you will need to register to participate. DO NOT use symbols in usernames. Super Drummer or BFD3. Posts Latest Activity Photos. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. I agreen on the hi-hat comment about Superior, it just plays soo nice!

But they did a great job with BFD3 as well. Likes 1. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by perceval View Post. I have never heard V Expressions Evolution, and I’m sure it sounds fine. But, if you look at post 4, I mention that the BFD3 demo is crap. It is so limited that it actually gives a bad impression of BFD3. I wonder why they put such a crippled demo, it certainly is not helping in sales, I’m sure.

Originally posted by Pimenta View Post. Last edited by chasmanian ; , AM. I could not pick just one. My first one was Superior Drummer You might find from me a rant here abou how raw the sound was in comparison to the demos they had in their site at that time. Than I got the original BFD , the hi hat did not play well for me, and also had problems with Tracktion crashing with it At the end of the day my friend, with the right hardware You cannot go wrong with any of the two.

Its like the old Roland vs. I use the rock warehouse on SD2 as the snares are great and roll brilliantly. The hi-hats are good too. Cymbals from Zildgian Pasite and Sabian. Loads of percussion bits. Cubase and Wavelab always current versions. Pim, super helpful reply. I can’t get both right now. Last edited by chasmanian ; , PM. Get your sticks ready!

I always said to myself; the VST that does my favorite kit justice, is what gets my money, and this may have just tipped the balance in favor of SD2 for me. The sounds of SD2 was the one thing holding me back from jumping ship.

Recently though, Toontrack have been matching Fxpansion in recording prowess. Pim, I love this statement: ” At the end of the day my friend, with the right hardware I am well familiar with this kind of debate. I have read lots of opinions about expansions that have metal names, being good for all kinds of music. Originally posted by Kabonfaiba View Post. I think it’s better than the Metal Foundry, but it’s probably more placebo than fact.

Metal Foundry is really quite old now and most people have it. Metal Machinery is the latest and greatest. I think the biggest factor with buying particular VST paks for me is “what has the ability to work solo? They are usually the VSTs that include long samples that haven’t been processed, and have lots of “snap” and “presence”, not to “dark”, and have good, natural room acoustics in the sample not post-fx.

I find Metal kits are more likely to have that, but in no way are they genre limited. I’m using a Metal kit to play Jazz fusion for example.

A good sampled snare drum is probably the most important though. You want lots of low velocity, long samples so your ghost notes really ring and add “more body” to the sound. Lots of words in quotes here, because describing sound is highly subjective Basically, if you have lots of layers that fade out slowly, the more the samples will “cloud” together and produce a “wall of sound” like a real acoustic kit does. Well recorded, high quality and long samples are at the heart of everything. All rights reserved.

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Superior Drummer 3 vs BFD3 – replace.me


User Name Remember Me? Password Mark Forums Read. Superior Drummer 3 vs BFD3? I make occasional music and thus purchasing either is rather an expense, so I want to make sure whether one is certainly more usable than the other. I know the SD3 samples are uncompressed and unprocessed. Is that so with BFD3 as well? About genre usability — do you feel one is more usable for progressive rock to metal? Regarding workflow — I read some say the BFD3 interface is a pain.

And finally, the base version of BFD3 seems to be from Is that a concern in your opinion? Thanks in advance! Originally Posted by ernzo. Well if you want a Natural sound, then BFD3 is probably the best option. Personally I still use BFD2, because I much prefer the old GUI, and besides of the new factory library, it’s pretty much the same program, being compatible with the expansions. Last edited by ernzo; at AM. I won’t call it an old program, however it seems to give compatibility problems to some users from time to time.

Do a search for topics with BFD on the title, it should pop up. BFD4 might be related to that.. I loved BFD 1 and 2 but for me, although BFD 3 had a lot of new and interesting features, the quality of the included sample library was a serious step backwards.

BFD3 is the same in this regard, but a quick browse of the sample songs on their respective website will tell you which you prefer. FWIW I am a beta tester for the whole toontrack range. No idea what BFD3 is like these days but the original developer has I believe, sold out to one of the box shifters, so I would be nervous of the future of it.

There are any number of other drum romplers out there Always worth a go. All generating more confusion, but it really does come down to trying as many options as you can before spending your hard earned dough. My biggest regret is that Analogue Drums no longer exist. My fave is the splitsticks instrument, which is perfect for a lot of the rootsy Americana or Tex-Mex stuff I write. Originally Posted by Stu. Originally Posted by ivansc.

Nothing wrong with BFD3 it is your choice. Lots of opinions out there. Of the library’s as per grooves SD is far too expensive and you get few. My point of view. Find More Posts by grinder. I have Superior 3 and love it to death but that’s mainly because I’m super entrenched in the Toontrack ecosystem. I don’t like the default Superior Drummer 3 library that much at all.

I think it sounds faker than S2. Give Getgood Drums a look. They have tons of different kits they sell separately. Cream of the crop sounds at very reasonable prices. Originally Posted by DeathByGuitar. Originally Posted by TLreaper. It seems these are also pre-EQed and processed. Getgood drums are pretty damn raw with the option to add in the processing. You may wanna watch some videos on some of the kits. Decent chance that you find something you’re looking for. I would have bought the latest One Kit Wonder Agressive Rock if it had high tuned snares and a smaller kick.

I absolutely love BFD3, but I havent tried any of its competitors. I love the jazz n funk kit, and the percussion addon. And of course, its Steve Albini drum pack addon. Looking forward to seeing what BFD’s future brings. Find More Posts by maxdembo. Both contain raw unprocessed samples, with SSD5 also coming with an additional large library of fully processed kick, snare and tom samples should you want them.

SSD5 has an absolutely massive sample library and covers a huge amount of ground from a nice jazz brush kit right up to rock and metal. Neither comes with much in the way of grooves, if you need those then these are probably not your best choices.

I know you said SD3 was too expensive but it does come down to a reasonable price quite often in sales so maybe it would be better to wait, it would also allow you to use your EZ libraries with it. A couple of negative points about BFD – as Ivan said, the company has been sold and currently support is a mess by the sound of things.

For me as I mentioned before, I just find the sounds inadequate. Originally Posted by maxdembo. What happened to the sound in your opinion? Did they re-record the core library for example and you think this iteration is worse? And aren’t at least some of the libraries available from older versions from what I understood, meaning that they should at their base sound the same before processing which might have gotten worse within the VST’s own mixer, I don’t know?

The old libraries all work fine with the new version, but there was a new library that came with BFD3 as the stock library. I didnt notice any corners being cut in quality on the new stock library but I am very far from being learned about different drum sounds, so I’d defer to Stu there. It was one of their first expansion packs I think, certainly early on. I remember using it with BFD version 1. What was the stock library on version 2 called?

Just so I could compare the Core from 3 to that one. Ah that makes sense. Albini has an EZ drummer expansion now so they probably no longer have the licence to sell it. My advice, really the only advice I can give is start by looking for the software that has the functions you need the most. Then, go with whatever fulfills your practical need for features vs the sound you are looking for. Just as a point of clarification, we’re not beta testing version 4.

Let’s not let that rumour get hyped up! We’ve spent the last year working on stuff, and building infrastructure and migration tools. And it would of course – 17 years of ownership to seperate!! Whatever you buy, good luck with your music!! Views and postings are my own. Originally Posted by Amberience. Someone on the Fxpansion forum made a reference of sorts to being a beta tester of an upcoming upgrading, also mentioning how it probably wouldn’t take as long from beta testing to release compared to version 3.

So I quoted that post. I see the Fxpansion Facebook page still occasionally posts about the product. Also, there’s a short question I PM’ed you if you care to answer.

FXpansion have been a reseller of BFD products as that was the best way for us to get the acquisition completed, but they have nothing to do with product development any longer and haven’t been since March-ish But most of the original team behind BFD are still with the product. We did lose a developer when ROLI owned us, which may explain some of the ‘why’ regarding our lack of development during those years. I don’t know who posted about BFD4 on the old forum, but it isn’t true.

A BFD4 product is a while off yet. Ahhh okay. Yeah that doesn’t seem to be as cut and dry as “we’re testing BFD4 now” or anything like that. Suffice to say – we’re working on stuff, but nothing is super super super imminent. BFD3 is completely different to SD2 as far as the core sounds go but either one can get great results! BFD3 has unprocessed samples so you have a lot of control over how you can shape them plus BFD3 seems to have more detail as far as velocity layers etc.

If you need something to fill in until you decide which to buy go and get Slates SSD5. Hi, Personally I would try and find a used copy of superior 2.

Sup 3 is way overpriced. I have bfd2 and sup 2 and I regularly use ssd5 when I rehearse at my friends house. I’m a drummer and use an ekit. Evil drums and progressive expansions are really good for the superior line.


Fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free

One big advantage I found with BFD 3 is the amount of grooves and fills they provide. They have a lot more than what Superior offers. On. I haven’t tried the others but I don’t think it’s possible to sound better than Superior Drummer 3 if you want realistic sounding drums from.


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