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Autodesk inventor 2018 change units free. How to change units in Autodesk Inventor

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Right-click and select Edit Unit Attributes. Use Standards Notation Sets the format for the measurement units to the settings specified by the active Standard style. Clear the check mark to change the settings for the selected text box, feature control frame, or datum target symbol. 1. Open Bill of Materials 2. Use function “Choose Columns” 3. From Customization window view drag and drop to column a “Base Unit” 4. Change unit on “Base Unit” by double mouse click 5. In the changed unit cell drag small black square and move for a copy to other parts The visualisation of each step is in the video. For the Default Template Select Tools tab Application Options File Configure Default Template. Choose a measurement unit (inches or millimeters) and optionally a drawing standard (ANSI BSI, and so on) and click OK. In the Current Document In a part or assembly document, select Tools tab Document Settings Units. Choose a measurement unit (for example inches or millimeters) .


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Sir: I am just an over educated Country bumpkin, but you explain things in a way that makes since to me. Thanks lot for your tutorial. Hi i am site surveyor and i was looking for smtn that can help in transforming new coordinates to dwg etc with civil 3d


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