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Press and hold (or right-click) the taskbar and select Taskbar settings. Select Taskbar items to expand the section, then toggle the Search switch to Off. replace.me › en-us › windows › uninstall-or-remove-apps-and-. Right-click Start, click the Apps and Features item in Settings, click Update Assistant, and then click Uninstall. Method 2. Run the following command from an.


An update for Bing Bar version is available.Search results for ‘uninstall+update+win+10’ – replace.me


If you are searching for answers on how to remove search bar Windows 10, then you are not alone. Due to the behavior of the search bar in Windows 10, many users have decided to just get rid of it and place something more useful there. There are several reasons as to why the users want to do it. Some don’t like Bing being the default search engine and unfortunately there’s no way you can change it. Others don’t like the bar taking a huge section of the screen real estate that could otherwise be used for folder shortcuts.

So, if you’re one of those users who dislike the search bar, here’s how to disable Windows search Windows 10 using various methods. This is one of the easiest methods to hide the search bar from Taskbar on your Windows 10 based PC. All this requires you to do is change an option in a dialog box and you are good to go. Right-click anywhere empty in your Taskbar and you will find a menu appearing on your screen.

From the menu, choose the option that says Properties to open the Taskbar properties dialog box. When the properties dialog box opens, you will need to click on the tab that says Toolbars at the top.

It’s the third and the last tab in the tab menu. When the Toolbars tab opens, you will see a drop-down menu in the bottom that says Search on the taskbar. From the available options, choose the option that says Disabled and click on Apply. What the above procedure will do is it will turn off Windows search Windows 10 on your PC.

Soon as you press the apply button, you will find that the search bar’s gone from your Windows Taskbar. Your mission is accomplished. If you are not very keen on using the above method to remove the search bar for some reason, you have another method available for you.

This method uses even lesser steps to help you disable the search bar and the following is how you can use this method on your PC. Right-click anywhere empty on your Taskbar and you will see a menu. Choose Search and you will see a submenu with three options. If you want to completely remove the search bar, choose Disabled from the submenu.

However, if you wish to keep the search icon, then choose Show search icon and it will remove the search bar but will keep the search icon in your Taskbar.

Depending on what option you have selected, you will find that the search bar is completely removed from your Taskbar or you only have the search icon in your Taskbar.

If you ever wish to modify this setting again, just head to the same menu and you should be able to change your options. There are just a few basic things that you need to modify in the registry and it will either remove or keep the search bar in your Taskbar.

When it opens, type regedit into it and press the Enter key to open Registry Editor. When the Registry Editor opens, head to the following path, find the entry named SearchboxTaskbarMode and right-click on it and select Modify. On the following screen, you should be able to change the value of the entry. It will be 1 by default but you need to enter 0 in the Value data field and click on OK. There are two others values that you can use and those are:.

There you go. Reboot your PC and you will find that the Registry Editor has removed the huge search bar from your Taskbar making more space available for other apps to be pinned there.

One of the key reasons said by many users to remove the search bar is because they don’t want it to show web results. If that’s the case with you, you have an option to disable web results in your Windows 10 search. Click on the search bar in your Taskbar and select the Notebook icon followed by the Settings option. On the following screen, turn off the option that says Cortana can give you suggestions, ideas, reminders, alerts and more.

Also turn off another option that says Search online and include web results. You have successfully disabled the web results feature in your Windows search bar and you will now only see search results from your own PC and not from the web. Many users complain that Windows lacks the feature to reset forgotten user passwords and the users often get stuck when they can’t recall the password for their user account. If you ever run into such issues, Windows Password Key should help you out.

It’s a utility built specifically to help you reset the passwords for your user accounts on Windows PCs. We hope our Windows 10 remove search bar guide above helps you remove the unwanted Windows search bar from the Taskbar on your PC.

Also, if you forget the user password for your account, we suggest using the 4WinKey tool to reset the password. Windows Password Key 4WinKey. Menu Overview Guide Store. Method 1. Windows Password Key. Since , PassFab has become leader of developing Windows password reset tools.


Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed


The problem remains for some even after they reload search and restart their Windows 10 PCs. Some folks are understandably spooked by the strange behavior and have theorized that their laptops might be hacked.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case. The culprit is another botched Windows 10 update, specifically, version KB The problem isn’t affecting everyone the staff at Laptop Mag hasn’t run into any issues and there is no evidence that this is a widespread bug.

Still, not having the ability to search is an incredibly frustrating limitation, as we found out earlier this year. As with any botched update, the easiest solution is to roll back your PC to an earlier, more reliable version of Windows However, in this case, not everyone experiencing the search issue is on version KB, which suggests the update is only partially, if at all, responsible.

If you already installed that update and are fed up, you can try uninstalling it some have reported success using this method. If this doesn’t help, you can always reinstall it at a later time. If you are looking for some efficient methods to get rid of this problem, then this post written by MiniTool will tell you the answer.

There are 6 methods that can help you to fix the issue. Where is the Windows 10 search bar? Normally, it is a box located in the bottom left corner of the screen. But why is your Windows 10 search bar missing now? And sometimes the Windows 10 search bar is missing because it is hidden from the taskbar. There is another situation where you may meet the search bar Windows 10 missing issue when you apply the Anniversary Update or Creators Update to an old Windows 10 version.

It is very annoying to meet the search bar missing Windows 10 error because it is very convenient for you to search the features, programs, and other things when you forget how to access them.

But luckily, we have gathered multiple useful methods for you to solve the Windows 10 missing search bar problem in this post. Keep reading. If you meet the Windows 10 start menu search bar missing issue when you upgrade your system to Windows 10 or after you installed a major update, then it may be because Windows 10 allows you to hide the search bar. So if your Windows 10 search bar is hidden, then you can fix the Windows 10 search bar missing error easily.

Here is the way to make sure that the search bar is not set to hidden:. Right-click the Taskbar and then click Cortana to choose Show search box. After you finish the steps, then the Windows 10 search bar will appear. If this method cannot fix the error, then you should try the following methods. Find out all the Cortana voice commands available for your Windows There is a new feature called Tablet mode on Windows 10 that will activate itself automatically the moment when you detach a tablet from its dock.

But there is one thing you need to know about the Tablet mode — it is designed to use with a touchscreen. In Tablet mode, you can only run your applications in full screen and there are a number of certain limitations such as you cannot use Windows 10 search bar.

Therefore, in order to make Windows 10 search bar came back, you need to disable the Tablet mode. Here is a quick way to do it:. After you disable the Tablet mode, then you can fix the Windows 10 search bar missing issue.

If not, then you can try the next methods. However, if you want to use the search bar when you use the Tablet mode, then you should perform the following steps:.

Step 2: Choose Personalization and then choose Taskbar on the left. Step 3: Turn off the Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode option on the right panel. Is Windows 10 stuck in Tablet Mode? How to get Windows 10 out of Tablet Mode? This post will show you methods to return PC to the normal view.

If you notice that the Tablet mode always automatically activate itself without asking you before switching, then you can try to set it to remain disabled.

Follow the guide below:. Step 3: Choose Use desktop mode using the drop-down menu under the When I sign in section. There is another common cause of the Windows 10 search bar missing error — the Use small taskbar buttons option is enabled. Therefore, you can disable the Use small taskbar buttons option to make Windows 10 search bar show up again. After you have disabled the Use small taskbar buttons option, then the Windows 10 search bar should appear.

If not, right-click the Taskbar and then click Cortana to choose Show search box. If you still cannot solve the Windows 10 search bar missing issue, then you should try to create a new user account on your computer to fix the issue.

However, you need to move all your personal files and folders if you try to create a new user account. Step 4: Enter the User name and password optionally , then click Next to finish creating a new user account. Step 8: The Cortana is disabled, so you need to right-click the Taskbar and then click Cortana to choose Show search box. After you have completed these steps, then you can fix the Windows 10 search bar missing error.

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